PEGA DX API V2 — usage example in the Constellation Design System?

Sandeep Pamidamarri
2 min readNov 25, 2022

In this particular post, let’s try to understand the usage of DX API V2 in the constellation design system. PEGA recommends to built new applications on version 8.8 onwards on Cosmos React. The constellation design system is to provide a set of design patterns, UI workflows, components, and guidelines for Organisation front-end applications to communicate with the PEGA App. This framework reduces the chattiness between the front-end and back-end PEGA compared to DX API V1. DX API V2 segregates the data and presentation layers in the JSON structures.

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Let’s take an example of a GET Case and GET View APIs in DX API V2: Traditional section and harness rules are tightly coupled with UI elements and the data. New applications need to leverage App Studio for development. The users need to focus on and configure only business logic-specific fields in the views. The presentation layer is separated and you can apply a predefined template from the configuration / you can create your own template. This approach segregates the data layer and the presentation layer.

Note: Developing a PEGA Application is out of scope from this article’s perspective. The assumption, you already have an existing PEGA application developed using the App Studio.

Step 1: Observe the GET Case API with different view type parameters

Request URI: /application/v2/cases/{caseID}?viewType=[none or page]


  • Get Case API returns with viewtype=“none” returns AppStudio -CaseOverview view content [data]
  • Get Case API returns with viewtype=“page” returns AppStudio — CaseOverview view content [data] + uiResources [Presentation]

Step 2: Observe the GET View API with view ID as the resource parameter

Request URI: /application/v2/cases/{caseID}/views/{viewID}


  • Contains the fields defined in the view and presentation layer as a JSON structure

Hurrrayyyyyyy — Now you successfully understood the DX API V2 — GET case and the GET View API endpoints and their importance in the constellation design system.



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